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The contest for vacant positions in local prosecutors ' offices

Due to the presence of vacancies in the local prosecutors’ offices arising from 15.12.2015, the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine is planning to conduct the contest.
Candidates wishing to work in the prosecutors’ offices, will have the opportunity to participate in:
- Transparent four-stage contest for positions of heads of local public prosecutors’ offices, their first deputies and deputies;
- Testing for the positions of the prosecutors of local prosecutors’ offices.
According to the Law of Ukraine "On the Public Prosecutor's Office" the selection of candidates for the positions of heads, first deputy heads, deputy heads and prosecutors of local prosecutors’ offices must be exercised in the manner prescribed in clause 5-1 of the Transitional provisions of the Law until 15.04.2017. The corresponding order regulates the appointment of prosecutors out of the candidates according to the results of testing on knowledge of legislation and general skills; the appointment to administrative positions – according to the results of a four-stage transparent contest that is approved by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.
Participation in the competition will be available for the candidates who correspond to the requirements specified in article 27 and paragraph 5-1 of the Transitional provisions of the Law of Ukraine " On the Public Prosecutor's Office ".
Information about the time and place for documents submission for the candidates, the list of available positions and test tasks will be announced additionally.
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