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Yurii Sevruk held a meeting with representatives of the Federal Republic of Germany and the French Republic

On April 14 the Acting Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Sevruk and the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Roman Hovda held a meeting with the representatives of the delegation of Germany and France: the Authorized Representative on Ukraine of Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany Johannes Rehenbreht and the Deputy Director for Eastern Europe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the French Republic Raphael de Lagarde.
The Acting Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Sevruk informed the foreign guests in detail about reforms in the prosecution bodies, results of the competition to fill positions in local prosecutor’s offices, reduction of the quantity of staff of the prosecution bodies of Ukraine, creation and functioning of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and creation of the system of prosecutor’s self-governance.
During the meeting the parties discussed not only the reform of the prosecution bodies, but the ways to support these processes by the European Union as well. “We look forward to continuation of reforms in Ukraine in the field of law. The Prosecutor General’s Office is a very serious institution. Generally, the reforms in the legal dimension are the backbone of changes in the State. We want Ukraine to succeed,”- said Johannes Rehenbreht.
The representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office have provided comprehensive answers to the questions of the delegation of Germany and France.
The Reforms Department of PGO

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