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The Reforms department of Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine continues implementation of the prosecution reform projects in full

Currently some media sources spread information about the alleged suspension of the prosecutorial reform in Ukraine. Thus, the former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine D. Sakvarelidze states that the process of reform of the prosecution is being paralyzed because all the reformation projects are blocked, and the staff of the Reforms department is under the pressure.
This information does not correspond to the reality and tends to be a conscious attempt to mislead the public opinion. Reforms of the prosecution system of Ukraine goes on, the Reforms department is completely staffed according to the staff list and continues to fully implement the earlier planned projects according to the strategy.
In particular, at the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine there were organized educational trainings for newly appointed heads of the local prosecution offices, their first deputies and deputies. Training activities were developed within projects of the Council of Europe "Further support for criminal justice reform in Ukraine" and EU Project "Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine", in cooperation with the Consultative Mission of the European Union to reform the sector of civil security in Ukraine (EUAM) and the Embassy of the United States.
In addition, in connection with effect of the Law of Ukraine On the Public Prosecutor’s Office from 15 April 2016 in terms of the functioning of the prosecutorial self-governance authorities and the qualification commission there were initiated arrangements for the preparation and holding of the All-Ukrainian conference of prosecutors. Delegates to the conference, that is supposed to be the supreme body of the prosecutorial self-government, are to be elected by the secret ballot of the prosecutors and investigators and each side would have the right to nominate its own candidate.
The launch of the institution of prosecutor’s self-government will allow the employees collectively address issues of the domestic prosecution with a view to strengthen the independence of prosecutors, uphold from the interference into their activities and improve the quality of work.
The coverage of the ongoing work on the other projects of the Reforms department and the news about their implementation will be informed separately.
The Reforms Department of PGO

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