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Preliminary observations of the organisational assessment of the Prosecutor General’s Office discussed with the beneficiary

Following the launch of the GPO organisational assessment in December 2018, the project team of consultants from the PwC has spent the last three months analysing the managerial and working processes, as well as institutional, organisational set-up of the Prosecutor General’s Office in Ukraine (GPO).

On 13th and 16th of March 2019, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the GPO senior and middle management gathered to discuss preliminary observations as to the key areas of the assessment with international and local experts from the PwC and the Council of Europe.

In opening statement, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Mr. Yurii Lutsenko thanked the Council of Europe and the Government of Denmark for the continuing support of the Prosecutor General’s Office. “It is very important for us that the reforms we implement find understanding with our partners. Our today’s meeting is an open discussion. While the consultants will present their observations and findings, feedback from all of us is crucial for the joint definition of steps to implement the suggested recommendations”.

The following weeks will be occupied with targeted in-depth discussions with the respective representatives of Prosecutor General’s Office concerning all the preliminary observations done on the margins of the organisational assessment. Once finalised, these observations, together with practical recommendations developed by the PwC, will be drafted into project report and will be presented to the GPO senior management for discussion and further implementation within the GPO.

”Only through a dialogue we will be able to reach the ownership of the final product – the document, which will lay foundations for the enhancement of the organisational and operational effectiveness of the GPO and implementation of the best international practices into its activities”, underlined Mr Marten Ehnberg, Head of the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine.

The GPO organisational assessment is part of the on-going support provided by the Council of Europe to the Ukrainian prosecution authorities in the framework of the “Continued support to the criminal justice reform in Ukraine” Project, funded by the Danish Government.

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