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Delegation of the Prosecutor General's Office headed by Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko held a working visit to Brussels

On April 24, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko took part in public hearings in the European Parliament on "Can Ukraine win the war against corruption?" during a working visit to Brussels (the Kingdom of Belgium).

The participants discussed the issues of counteraction to corruption in Ukraine in the criminal and non-criminal spheres, the results of the work of state authorities and the law-enforcement system in this direction.

During his speech, Mr. Lutsenko focused on the achievements of the Office in prosecuting former and current corrupt officials, as well as the need to eliminate existing schemes of political and oligarchic corruption.

"If you have a hole in the hold of a ship, then it is not enough to work actively with the pump. Convicted corruptors - not the final result of the fight, it is necessary to eliminate the schemes that they use. We have eliminated corruption in public procurement, automated VAT refunds, liquidated so-called tax bases, but many problems still have to be solved," - emphasized the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

Mr. Lutsenko added: "If there is a desire - there is a chance," and asked for the unification of the efforts of the authorities and civil society in this direction, which is the "second front of the war for Ukraine".

In his speech Yevhenii Yenin outlined the main directions of reforming the prosecutor's office, the successes of the Office in recovering criminal assets and combatting cybercrime.

"Effective interaction with foreign partners is a prerequisite for bringing corrupt officials to justice. Both criminal assets and key evidence of their illegal activities are found in foreign jurisdictions,” said Deputy Prosecutor General.

During the public hearings, there was an exchange of views on further steps to promote the assertion of the principles of rule of law in Ukraine between the members of the European Parliament, representatives of the expert community and the Ukrainian delegation.

On April 25, the delegation of the Office also took part in public hearings on "Entrepreneurship in modern Ukraine", organized in the European Parliament.

Mr. Lutsenko informed the participants of the meeting about the steps taken by the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine during the last two years with the aim of creating a favorable investment climate for international business.

The head of the Office noted that such innovations in the work of the public prosecutor's offices as the creation of the General Inspection, the formation of self-government bodies, recruiting of "new faces" and the implementation of the Roadmap for the reform of the prosecutor's offices with foreign partners will provide work of the prosecutors within the best world standards and in the long run will contribute to increasing the attractiveness of Ukraine for investment.

Also during the speech, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine stressed that Decree on reducing pressure on honest business, establishing direct dialogue with the Business Ombudsman Council and business associations, had signed last year, was an important practical measures on the way to increase the interest of foreign entrepreneurs in our country.

"I assure you that the voice of the business is well heard in law enforcement agencies of Ukraine," emphasized Mr. Lutsenko.









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