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Deputy Prosecutor General Yevhenii Yenin met with Vice Minister of Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China Liu Zhenyu

On May 17, the Deputy Prosecutor General Yevhenii Yenin held the meeting with a delegation from the Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China headed by Vice Minister of Ministry of Justice Liu Zhenyu.

The parties discussed bilateral cooperation between law enforcement agencies of both countries and noted the high level of bilateral cooperation.

During the meeting, Mr. Yenin informed the Chinese party on the main results and achievements in the area of ​​reforming the prosecutor's offices of Ukraine, as well as progress on combating corruption.

In particular, there were noted such key aspects as the establishment of the General Inspectorate for Combating Corruption within the Office, the commencement of the work of the prosecutor's office and the QDCP, and depriving the prosecutor of the investigation function.

In his turn, Mr. Zhenyu reported on the process of reforming the Chinese justice system, in particular the prosecutor's offices, strengthening and improving their functionality in the fight against corruption.

The necessity of applying a scientific approach to the evaluation of the work efficiency of the justice sector employees was noted.

"Only a scientific approach to the evaluation of work will ensure the effectiveness of their activities, will bring an element of justice, and will ensure the certainty of the legal field" - said the  Vice Minister of Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China.

The participants of the meeting discussed the new challenges of the modern world related to the development of the latest technologies: cybercrime, electronic fraud, cryptocurrency operations, terrorism, etc.

The Chinese party noted that the fight against transnational crime was a common and challenging task in the era of globalization and cyberspace spreading.

There was discussed the introduction of e-document flow and e-case management, the experience exchange concerning the work of the URPI and Chinese electronic data processing systems in the criminal process.

Summing up the meeting, there was expressed a persuasion in further constructive cooperation between the competent authorities of Ukraine and the People's Republic of China.   








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