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Work Outcome of Public Prosecution Service for the Period from the 1st till 30th of January, 2018

Land Issues
In January 2018, public prosecution bodies were traditionally focused on issues of detection, prevention and liquidation of consequences of the land fraud.
During the said time period, 21 156 hectares of land plots in the value of over UAH 202 million were recovered into the ownership of the State, the public or communal enterprises and territorial communities; or the unlawful use of those lands was terminated.
The above-stated numbers have already been confirmed by the specific court decisions, in which public prosecution service defended the interests of the State.
At the same time, a great number of similar cases remain at the stage of investigation or judicial examination. We will additionally inform you of the results thereof.

Asset Recovery
Also, since the beginning of the year, we have received a satisfactory work outcome of public prosecution bodies in the field of property and asset recovery to the State and the territorial communities, public and communal enterprises.
For the said period, the courts of different instances took and enforced the decisions on property and asset recovery totaling over UAH 130 million, in support of the position of public prosecution bodies.

Detection of Corruption-Related Crimes and Offences
Since the beginning of the year, public prosecution bodies of different regions and military prosecution bodies, together with other law-enforcement authorities, detected over 50 facts of obtaining the illegal benefit by the representatives of public authorities and local self-government bodies, as well as by the officials of public and communal enterprises, amongst whom there were heads of District State Administrations, heads of Village Councils, officers of the National Police and the State Fiscal Service, customs service, prosecution service, the heads of military registration and enlistment offices and higher education institutions, military men, members of Parliament etc.
In each specific case, the investigative actions are conducted. Suspects are notified of a suspicion, the decisions on enforcement of preventive measures are taken.
The value of bribes differs within the investigation of the said cases and varies from UAH 1 thousand to USD 500 thousand.
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