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Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko personally notified Viktor Yanukovych of suspicion

On Monday , November 28, 2016 at the Svyatoshyn Regional Court of Kyiv session the Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko notified of suspicion the former president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko in accordance with the requirements of Articles 111, 278 and the Chapter 11 of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine carrying out the procedural duties of a prosecutor in criminal proceedings, informed that Viktor Yanukovich is suspected of committing – treason; facilitation the commission of intentional actions by the representatives of the Russian Federation authorities aimed at the change of borders of the territory and the state border of Ukraine, violating the order guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine and carrying out the aggressive war , that is commission the offences under paragraph 1, Article 111, paragraph 5 Article 27, paragraph 3 Article 110 as well as paragraph 5 Article 27, paragraph 2 Article 437 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Yurii Lutsenko said that, taking into account that Viktor Yanukovych is outside Ukraine and does not appear when summoned and that is he is in fact hiding from the law enforcement bodies of Ukraine, the suspicion contents is notified orally. The notification itself has been already sent on the all known residential addresses and places of temporary residence and also served and sent to his lawyers.

The Prosecutor General reported that in accordance with the contents of notification Viktor Yanukovych is suspected of the fact that he is on March 01, 2014 being the citizen of Ukraine, being on the unindentified location on the territory of the Russian Federation, acting intentionally in violation of the requirements of Articles 1, 2, 65, 68, 132-134 of the Constitution of Ukraine has committed treason as well as with the aim of assistance to the Russian Federation and its representatives in infringement of territorial sovereignty of Ukraine, hoping to get support and protection of representatives of the Russian Federation authorities to get the long-term residence on the territory of this country and avoiding of criminal responsibility in Ukraine, for creating the impression of legitimacy of the actions of representatives of authorities and officials of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation , giving the visibility of the lawfulness of invasion and occupation by subdivisions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation of the territory of the Crimean Peninsula, being aware of explicit wrongfulness of his own actions has composed, signed and issued the written request to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to involve the Armed Forces of this country on the territory of Ukraine what gave to the foreign country - namely the Russian Federation and its representatives assistance in carrying out of subversive activity against Ukraine and also assisted the representatives of authorities and officials of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in carrying out of the aggressive war against Ukraine and committing intentional actions with the aim of changing the state border of Ukraine, violating the order, guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine that lead to the grave consequences as a violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, namely the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula , as well as causing damage to the state Ukraine as a result of the loss of state property worth over 1 billion 80 billion USD.

«Taking into account the connection, I would like to remind to Yanukovych Viktor Fedorovych that this notification is being served at the moment by the prosecutors of the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office to his lawyer in order to hand it over to the suspect», - Yurii Lutsenko added.

In the meantime, the Prosecutor General informed that on December 05, 2016 on 10.00 Viktor Yanukovych is summoned for questioning as a suspect by the investigator .And also explained his procedural rights that foreseen by the Articles 28, 29 , 55, 56, 59, 62, 63 of the Constitution of Ukraine, Article 42 of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine. The detailed contents of procedural rights are given in legal handout to suspect that are added to the notice of suspicion and also sent on the all known residential and temporary residence addresses of Viktor Yanukovych in the Russian Federation.

«And now, not as the Prosecutor General but as the citizen of Ukraine, I blame Viktor Yanukovych for opening doors to the aggressive war against the country. I blame him for the ruining the sovereignty of the country he has taken the oath to defend. I blame him for the fact that in result 2 thousands and 263 of Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 8 thousands and 394 among them were wounded, one million and seven hundred refugees, unrecorded number killed and wounded citizens. This is on the conscience of those who dare to lie today in the eyes of the Ukrainian people. The time of recompense is coming, "- concluded Yuri Lutsenko.

Pre-trial investigation in the mentioned criminal proceedings carried out by the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office. The necessary investigations and other proceedings are ongoing.

The suspect Yanukovych is put on the wanted list. Has been prepared the request to the investigating judge for permission to arrest him to deliver to the court to hear a motion to apply a preventive measure in the form of detention .

The investigation is expected to be completed in the shortest possible time and to submit to a court the indictment for special trial (conviction in absentia).

Reference: for committing alleged Yanukovych heinous crimes against national security of Ukraine, peace and international law provided for a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Public and Media Relations Department
Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine

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