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The Public Prosecution Service of Ukraine constitutes a unified system that shall, in line with the procedures set hereby, perform functions established by the Constitution of Ukraine with the aim of protecting human rights and freedoms, common interests of the society and the state.
The Public Prosecution Service shall perform the following functions:
·             supporting the prosecution in court on behalf of the state;
·             representation of interests of an individual or the state in court in the cases stipulated by this Law;
·             supervision over observance of laws by the authorities carrying out detective operations, inquiries and pre-trial investigation;
·             supervision over observance of laws in the enforcement of court judgments delivered in criminal cases, as well as in application of other coercive measures related to restraint of individual personal liberty.
For the purpose of performing its functions, the Public Prosecutor's Office shall carry out international cooperation.
The Public Prosecution Service shall work by the following principles of:
o       the rule of law and recognition of an individual, his/her life and health, honor and dignity, inviolability and security as the highest social value;
o       legality, justice, impartiality, and objectivity;
o       territoriality;
o       presumption of innocence;
o       independence of public prosecutors, which implies existence of safeguards against illegal political, financial or other influence on a public prosecutor in connection with his/her decisionmaking when performing official duties;
o       political neutrality of the Public Prosecutor's Office;
o       inadmissibility of illegal interference of the Public Prosecutor's Office in the functions of the legislative, executive, and judicial authorities;
o       respect for independence of judges, which shall imply prohibition of public expression of doubt regarding legality of court judgments beyond the procedure of appealing them in the manner prescribed by the procedural law;
o       transparency of operations of the Public Prosecution Service which shall be guaranteed with an open and competitive appointment to the position of a public prosecutor, free access to reference information, provision of information upon request, unless the law sets limitations on its disclosure;
o       strict compliance with professional ethics and conduct.